After 30 years, it was time for a change

December 07, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Since August 11,1984, I've used nothing but Olympus cameras, lenses and accessories.  The first was an OM-1.  Manual everything, 35mm film.  A gift from my wife that lasted 20 years.  Over the most recent decade, I've gone from one digital model to another, including a flagship model that has served me very well for three years.

Time goes by as it always does, and so does technology.

I've made the switch to Canon.  Including the industry standard 5D Mark III, three of their best L-Series lenses and other key accessories.  What's this mean to you?  Even higher quality images from What's That Guy's Name? | PHOTOGRAPHY BY GUY T.  For you. Your wall. Your memories.

It's all about the moments.