Wish List Tip of the Day. This is a Hotshoe. That is a Hotshoe. And, yes, that is a Hotshoe, too

December 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Be careful what you add to your Amazon Wish List.  Maybe even consider making your Wish List 'Private', rather than 'Pubic'.  When you meant to imply that you wanted a 'Hotshoe', you probably didn't have one of these in mind ...

003_Hotshoe_123016Yes, this is also a 'Hotshoe'Yes, this is also a 'Hotshoe'

If you really did want one like this, sorry, it's one of a kind and not available for sale.  It was hand-made by my brother in 2005 and has seen many, many races (and a lot of victories!) on the oval dirt tracks in Phoenix, AZ.  His left foot has put this one through a lot, while riding a vintage Bultaco.  You can always try your luck at Ebay.

If what you meant to imply was one of these, then be specific.  Your family has no idea what you mean.  "Hotshoe?", "Beauty Dish?", "Soft Box?"  Think about it.  And don't make them guess.   Opening gifts on Christmas day will be less 'exciting', but you'll have less conversations about how to return this thingy or that thingy.  

004_Hotshoe_123016The one on the right is what you probably meantThe one on the right is what you probably meant

It's a Canon Off Camera Shoe Cord OC-E3 in this example, and can be found on Amazon, or go by Arlington Camera, and ask for Hermillo!


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