What's That Guy's Name? | PHOTOGRAPHY BY GUY T | October is Artist Month, in honor of Pablo Picasso!

October is Artist Month, in honor of Pablo Picasso!

September 21, 2012  •  1 Comment

Credit - Bing

If you or someone you know is an artist, be thankful for their gift and let them know in message and in action.  To quote the International Artist Day site - www.internationalartistday.com - "Artists are a much ignored group although almost anything you use day to day has an artistic design at its root. Throughout history art has been the most important defining characterization of a culture or people. Art survives personalities, dynasties, movements and civilizations. Artists are pioneers and are usually at the forefront of changing times and events."

For the month of October, artists who book thru PHOTOGRAPHY BY GUY T will recieve $50 off a 1-hour on-location session, and 50% off prints, any size, with no minimum purchase or maximums limits. 


  • Discount applies to on-location session and prints only.
  • Frames, glass and mounting are not included.
  • This program is intended as an incentive for subjects who are ARTISTS, in recognition of their natural gift, and is not open to the general public.  For other incentives that may apply, check your local 'Lonestar Go!' ad, or consider package-pricing (see 'Package for You' in this blog) 


PHOTO FROM BING IMAGES &  http://www.crdp-reunion.net


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Thank you for helping spread the artist day word. I am the author of the article and wife of founder Chris MacClure
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