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When's the best time for a shoot?

September 20, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Any time, as long as the cops aren't around and you leave no witnesses.

But for photography ... the answer can be ANY time you want.  With the days growing shorter as summer comes to an end, outdoor shots will need to be planned earlier in the evening than just a few weeks ago, but we can still use indoors at a location of your choice.  We have a variety of cool light choices we can use.  Really.  They are 'cool' because we'll use either flash, no flash, or cooler continuous indoor lights, all of which can be used very close to you without making you sweat!

Your typical portrait session is about an hour*, but you'll want to leave time before the shoot as we prep and get comfortable.  So if you wanted the great AM light as the sun pops up, be at the location and ready to go!   If you want the unique look of evening light, back up the clock just a bit to ensure we have enough light as we wrap up!

*We'll need a small amount of time for set-up and break-down before and after, but you aren't on the clock for that portion! 

PHOTO FROM BING IMAGES & Mike Evers, Whatever Clock


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